Donations & Support

Public non-profit organization Corporation 501(c)3

Incorporated 7/20/2015 C3809108 in the State of California & IRS

EIN# 47-4277334

Amateur Radio Educational Foundation donors are people like you who truly believe in the importance of our educational and community-oriented goals for our youth. Using amateur radio as another tool to enhance their continued studies in science, technology, engineering, math and so much more is our goal.

Your donations will help us purchase electronic snap kits (that show the student how electricity works, how a radio works, how speakers work, how a simple object can take off from a platform, how a light bulb turns on and off). Simple kits to build that they can take home to show their families what they accomplished, such as a crystal radio, an AM/FM radio, build a small antennas, here we demonstrate technology, science, math and engineering. When are youth learn by doing, they grasp the experience, the concept and it sticks along with the excitement, fun learning, and the feeling of success. 

Here are ways that you can donate: 

  1. Financially - purchasing of materials is an expense that we would like to assist our teachers and other leaders in other organizations 
  2. You can donate equipment that is in workable conditions that will be easy for our youth to operate. 
  3. HTs, HF radios that work, watt meters, working soldier guns, wire, etc.
  4. Educational books, basic that we have used in electronics, building antennas, etc
  5. Kits that our youth can build, i.e.; electronic snap kits, simple keys, easy build crystal radio kits
  6. You can donate some time to assist in demonstrating to the students (this might only happen once or twice a month depending on the school or organization that we work with.

We thank you in advance for your support. Any donation is a welcome donation.

Thank you to our donors with seed money to help us begin this mission/vision: Larry K6YUI, Tom N6OT, Tom W6HT, Wayne W6IRD & Sharon K6IRD, Kris KC6TOD & George N6VNI, Carl WU6D & Cathy K6VC, Jim WB6OFE, W. A. Tucker Foundation for their support and collaboration with RCA